We support a variety of foreign and local mission:

Alan Hart family in Mozambique

David Smith Family in Quebec, Canada

Wendell & Cindy Johnson in Mexico

John Horton & family  WBF Mission Office

Cory & Lori Miers in Brazil

Mark McCutcheon & family in Brazil

Frank Brim & family in Brazil

David Cato family to Navaho People

Jess & Glenna Parnell in Uruguay

Ernie & Monoka Brown in Ecuador

Brad Hasting & family to Navaho people of New Mexico

John & Lynn Cunningham to the Dominican Republic

Jame Ortiz & family  First Bible Translation

Project Nehemiah.....ministry to Israeli people

Bridges for Peace.....ministry to Israeli people

Dale Brown & family in New Zealand

Caleb Fielding in Cambridge England

Thomas and Patti Wheeler in Wales

Jacques & Marie Alexandre in Haiti

Victory Baptist Press

Institute Creation Research

Choices Life Resource  Center

Norris Bible Baptist Seminary